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Castrol Brake Fluids

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Brakes are essential for any car as it is not possible to stop without them. Choosing the right brake fluid for your car’s requirements and changing it on time is critical to safety.

Castrol’s brake fluid range includes products for high performance cars, MOTORCYCLES, driving under demanding conditions, to products with increased safety margin.

Castrol SRF


(previously known as SRF Racing brake fluid)

Specially formulated for use in competition conditions Dot 4 with a wet boiling point of over 500ºF.

This is the ultimate in competition brake fluid. 




Castrol React Performance Dot 4


Was called Castrol Response Super Dot 4 Fluid

A high performance and fully synthetic brake fluid, designed to prolong and maximize braking power.

It provides an increased braking safety margin when compared to conventional products making it ideal for both standard and performance cars and bikes.

It protects against corrosion and wear, extending the life of the braking system.

Fully compatible with other fluids meeting FMVSS 116 DOT3, DOT4, and DOT5.

For high performance vehicles and race conditions. Specifically designed to be a high temperature alternative to DOT 5.1. fluids.

React Performance Dot 4
Castrol React



(previously known as Response DOT 4)

Castrol Response Dot 4 is a universal brake fluid. Brake fluid for all vehicles requiring a DOT 3 or DOT 4 specification.

Is compatible with other fluids meeting FMVSS116 Dot 3, Dot 4 and Dot 5.1.




Brake Fluid Dot 4

HSMO Jaguar Brake Fluid



Castrol Hydraulic System Mineral Oil is specially formulated mineral fluid for use in Jaguar hydraulic systems where mineral oil is specified and where the reservoir cap or receivers are designed to fit the supplied nozzle and are colour coded GREEN




Castrol RR363 Rolls Royce and Bentley



Castrol RR 363 is a conventional synthetic brake fluid blended with castor oil for added lubricity, specially for use in early Rolls Royce and Bentley vehicles (prior to 1980) fitted with a metal reservoir.

It is also suitable for use in place of Castrol LHS2 in the hydraulic systems of pre-1966 Citroen models fitted with a black reservoir.

Castrol RR363 - Alternatives Castrol RR 363 is the only recommended hydraulic / brake fluid for pre 1980 Rolls Royce and Bentley models.

Castrol RR 363 is also known as:

  • Castrol RR363 brake fluid
  • Castrol RR 363 hydraulic fluid
  • Rolls-Royce hydraulic fluid
  • Rolls-Royce brake fluid
  • Bentley hydraulic fluid
RR 363


Motorcycle Brake Fluid

Castrol Motorcycle Brake Fluid is a fully synthetic, high performance brake fluid, designed to prolong and maximise braking power in motorcycles and scooters. The fluid has an exceptionally high boiling point, making it ideal for both conventional and high performance two wheelers. The additive system has been carefully designed to provide exceptional protection for all brake system components and rubber seals to ensure long life and safe operation.


  • Resistance to high temperature vapour lock
  • Increased braking safety margin when compared to conventional products
  • Protection against corrosion and wear, extending the life of the braking system
  • Outstanding lubricity for smoother and safer braking.

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